EXZACT™ Precision Technology is a versatile and effective toolkit for precise plant genome modification. This robust technology delivers an unprecedented degree of flexibility and precision to researchers and trait developers. In contrast to conventional biotechnology approaches, it enables users to add, delete, or edit specific genes via targeting in plants.

Targeting DNA with Zinc Finger Proteins

Designing Custom ZFPs Linked to Functional DomainsEXZACT™ Precision Technology is built upon proprietary and superior zinc-finger protein designs that are capable of targeting any DNA sequence in the genome. Zinc-finger proteins are the largest class of naturally-occurring transcription factors, which are proteins that bind to a specific DNA gene sequence and modulate gene expression. Engineered zinc-finger proteins can be designed to recognize and bind to specific DNA sequences and subsequently cleave those sequences using a nuclease, or DNA cutting domain, in the protein. Once this sequence-specific cleavage of double-stranded DNA occurs, the cell’s naturally-occurring DNA repair mechanisms are invoked. Engineered zinc-finger nucleases allow researchers to carry out targeted mutagenesis, genome editing or insertion of DNA at predetermined locations. This capability vastly simplifies trait stacking and accelerates the development of unique traits.

Precise Plant DNA Sequence Targeting and Modification

EXZACT™ Precision Technology is flexible and versatile, providing researchers and developers with an entire suite of capabilities:

  • ADD – Improves plants by precisely adding or substituting one or more beneficial genes at a pre-specified location in the genome.
  • DELETE – Modifies genomes by disrupting or excising genes, thereby removing undesirable plant traits.
  • EDIT – Re-writes native gene sequences to produce novel crops and products.

Take a deeper dive into the science of EXZACT™.

View a technical slide presentationPDF  with graphics and additional information or view a short video presentation: What is EXZACT™ Precision Technology? View Video