Shaping the future of agriculture through innovation – that is the promise of EXZACT™ Precision Technology.

By taking the guesswork out of plant genome modification, EXZACT™ delivers a new, dynamic and rapid path to market for plant biotech innovators seeking to discover and develop new traits.

Video WindowEXZACT™ Precision Technology is a cutting-edge, versatile and robust toolkit for genome modification in plants. It is based on proprietary design and use of enzymes called zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs). These enzymes can specifically target any DNA sequence, thereby enabling discoverers and developers to add, delete, or edit plant DNA quickly and precisely. EXZACT™ Precision Technology can accelerate product development time and reduce development costs, resulting in a preferred path to market. Researchers can more efficiently design, develop and introduce genetic traits in plants while avoiding the unintended effects that come with conventional DNA engineering tools. The EXZACT™ toolkit provides an unprecedented degree of flexibility and versatility for genome modification.

EXZACT™ has established a new industry standard for improving crop trait research and development through innovation, precision and efficiency. Learn more about this exciting technology.

PDF View an introductory presentation about EXZACT™ Precision Technology.